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Welcome to Route 66 Café, a place to rest your body, mind and soul.


As our tagline, “Rest For A Greater Journey” implies, we’re all about helping you travel further on this journey called life. Located in the small town of Miri, Route 66 Café aims to let those who have been too caught up in the rat race to take a break. We believe that by taking the time to smell the flowers, our eyes see much more with perspectives in place.

Here at Route 66, we want to inspire by giving you the best coffee experience. Featuring our House Blend combination of Latin America and Asia Arabica Beans that have a relatively heavy body, with sweet acidity, meticulously roasted for maximum enjoyment. Not only does the rustic flavor with a subtle herbaceous aftertaste stimulate a dark chocolaty and nutty taste, it will leave you wanting for more.

Apart from serving good coffee, Route 66 Cafe is a Coffee Roaster providing specialty grade coffee bean. There are numerous selections of specialty grade coffee bean from three different continents:

Latin America

Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia.


Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi


India, Indonesia and Sarawak Arabica

Route 66 Cafe provides in house consultation for aspiring café owners, while customizing your coffee blend to fit to your preference profile. Syrup and powder are available as well to get your cafe started. The owners are all about sharing their experiences and lending you a hand. Visit us today for new friends, learnings, and perspectives.

See you !